O-Net has broke the records of 2019 with a perfect close


2019 has quietly come to a close, but it is not finished and ready to start.In the last month of 2019, thanks to all-out efforts of O-Net's colleagues, O-Net has achieved a record high of one order over 100 million from just one customer.The total monthly order revenue even broke the historical record of 19 years since the establishment of O-Net.It not only brings a successful end to 2019, but also leaves a brilliant mark in the development history of O-Net.

2020, the future is coming. Faced with an 'arms race' around 5G, we have no retreat. Only indomitable to forge ahead. A hundred boats compete, the first to row. We will stand in the new starting point, aim at the target, seize the opportunity, and create more performance miracles!

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