2022 Chinese New Year Address of O-Net Group CEO

——Reinvigoration, Determination and New Endeavor

2022 Chinese New Year Address of O-Net Group CEOForging Ahead Despite of Headwinds and Bumping Road

To all employees of O-Net group:

With hope and prosperity, spring has arrived. We are all back at work now after the peaceful and merry Spring Festival holidays. As the New Year unfolds, on behalf of the executive management team, I would like to extend my Spring Festival greetings to all the O-Net employees once again. I would especially like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the employees who stayed at work during the Spring Festival holidays.

Since O-Net was founded in 2000, we have kept pace with the times for 21 years. Emerging from a small company on the verge of bankruptcy in its early days, O-Net has become a world-renowned high tech group company. O-Net is undoubtedly an enterprise with strong will to survive and thrive. These 21 years have not been easy. It has been a long road with many winding turns, as well as ups and downs. Together, we have overcome tremendous hurdles and significant obstacles. We have achieved countless victories and reaped numerous glories along the way.

The world is always changing and the road can be bumpy. The year 2021 was a difficult one for O-Net. Global shortages of semiconductor chips and materials, disappearing demographic dividend, industry downturns, etc. were among the many challenges and risks that O-Net faced. O-Net ran into choppy waters.

Sticking together in the same boat, we firmly rode out the storm. We are fighters. Everyone in O-Net has the common belief that “technologies change the world'. We are confident that victories belong to us when working together in concerted efforts.

We are about to start a new chapter with new goals. The year 2022 will be a crucial year for O-Net. We must steadfastly follow our roadmap and adhere to our strategic blueprint. With the dedication and hard work of all of us, I believe that we will achieve significant progresses in our key research and development projects and in our targeted markets. We also look to successfully complete our IPO in 2022.

Reinvigorated and determined, we are moving forward with the wind at our backs. In the past, we had conquered a great number of peaks by overcoming numerous challenges and difficulties. In the New Year, I sincerely hope that all employees of the O-Net Group keep our belief strong that “technologies change the world” and remain true to our original aspiration. No illusion, no fear, no backing off and no giving up. Holding our heads high, we will push ahead step-by-step to get our jobs done.

Year 2022, here we come. Where there is a will, there is a way. Together, we will win!                                            

Austin Na

Feb 07,2022